The study of the expression of apoptotic Bax, Bcl2 cells in the hippocampus following ischemia reperfusion model, pretreatment with nanoparticles of iron oxide in rat brain

 Sanli Soltannejad, Leila Pishkar, Mojtaba Falahati


Management to Improve the Quality of Drainage Water for Reuse

(Irrigation and Drainage Network Behbahan Case Study)

 Leila Amanat Behbahani1, Ali  Makari Behbahani2, Rahman Khandani3


Optimizing the Performance of Smart Grids in Relation with Residential Energy Centers Equipping with Solar Power Units (PV)

 Zahra Rasouli Dogaheh, Mostafa Rasouli Dogaheh


The study of the expression of Bax and Bcl-2 in liver and kidney rats after chronic administration of different doses of iron oxide nanoparticles

 Sanaz Homayoun Hamedani, Lila pishkar, Mojtaba Falahati


The effect of pre-treated with nanoparticles of iron oxide (Fe2O3) to reduce the level of NF-kB gene expression in rats model brain Ischemia-reperfusion.

 Farnaz Jalili, Leila pishkar, Mojtaba falahati


Exploration of religious education component of Kant and Islam

Rasoul Behnam, yousef Mogaddasi


Determine the quantity and composition of solid wastes mobin petrochemical industry

 Hasan Mortazavi, Farzaneh Fakhari Rauf


Examinethe relationship of organizational intelligence and organizational agility Human Resource Management

 Gholam Reza toond  Poor, Abdollah ikdari, Saeid fathshehni


Effect of establishment the information systems on value of companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

 Ali Mohammad Taghavi


Identifying and Weighting Indexes of Evaluation of Personnel Performance of Operational Units of Mahshahr Razi Petrochemical Company based on Methodology of Analytical Hierarchy Analysis (AHP)

 Mohammad Zafari, Ali Kangarani Farahani


The relationship between short-term debt and accrual-based earnings management of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

 Mehran Fattahian


The Effect of Continuous Aerobic Exercises on the Amount of Enzymes in Male Patients with Fatty Liver

 Saeed Sepahi, Araz Nazari


The Impact of Resistance Training on the Expression of TNF-α Protein in Fat of Diabetic Rats

 Saeed Sepahi, Araz Nazari


Investigating the Relationship between Competitive Strategies and Knowledge Management

(Case study: South Hormozgan Steel Company)

 Mohammadreza rahimi shahvari, Alireza mohammadi bajgan


Intellectual capital of organization and psychological empowerment of employees

 Fereshteh Akbarzadeh Kesari, Hassan pourjavad khah, Farshad Akbarzadeh Kesari


Data analysis and customer relationship management (CRM) in the restaurant industry

Elahe Avazzadeh, Abdolmajid Karami


Analysis of The climatic changes in Kermanshah province based on the five criteria of   precipitation, temperature, wind, weather phenomena, and horizontal visibility

 Parsa Gholami, Behrouz Nasiri, Mostafa Karampoor , Zohreh Maryanji


The Deconstructive Study of William Faulkner’s ‘The Sound and the Fury’

Parisa Pooyandeh


Stability Analysis of Non-linear Dynamical Homogeneous Systems Based on Lyapunov Function Constructed of Linear Combination of Basic Functions

Vahid Meigoli, Mahdi Ansari, Mojtaba Hadi Barhaghtalab*