Designed by the Center of Preservation and development of ritual plays with an emphasis on mythological plays of Iran

 Leila Ahmadi, Hamid Saghapour


The effect of ritual performance on body and space of Iranian architecture

 Leila Ahmadi , Hamid Saghapour


Investigating the Degree of Attention to Key Components of Strategy Implementation in the Municipality of Isfahan

Maryam Soleimani, Elham Freidooni


Study of Relationship Between Income Management and Ownership Structure in Petrochemical Industry

Maryam Sadat Tabatabaeian


Introducing the Ripplet Conversion in Order to Extract the Feature from Iris Images

Daruosh Kavosi, Abas Karimi


The impact of self-efficacy on self-care ability of patients with stroke: a clinical trial study

 Naireh Vahid Dastjerdi, Zahra Rafiee, Ali Mohammadi, Saeed Pahlavan zadeh


Urban Landscape and Proper Solutions for Promoting Native Culture in Attracting Tourists

(Case Study: Zahedan, Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Iran)

Maryam Karimian Bostani


The Role of Communication Skills in Teachers’ Creativity in Primary Schools in District 1 of Tehran

 Mohammad Sohani, Seyed Rasul Hoseini


Explaining the Relationship between Ethical Leadership, Work Engagement, and Organizational Indifference (Case Study: Education of Sirjan)

 Sanjar Salajegh, Fahimeh Forootani


Design of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage Vessels

Farzan Barati, Mohammad Mahdi Attar, Jamshid Jamshidi rad


Investigate the relationship between university financing methods and its academic ranking

 Mahla Sarmadi Pour, Mohammad Eamaeil Ezazi, Habibollah Salarzehi


Study the Role of Trust in Effect Organizational Justice on Organizational Silence Using Structural Equation Modeling

Case Study: Tax Organization of ilam

 Vahid Chenari , Yekta Samadinia


Fuzzy Logistic Regression Using Bootstrap

Farzane Moradi, Ali Shadrokh,  Alireza Arabpour


A Study of the Use of Metaphor and Simile in the Lyric Setting of Nezami’s Leyli va Majnun and Khosrow va Shirin

Fatemeh Shirvani, Fazel Abbaszadeh


Complicity in Murder under Non-fatal Duress

 Mohebba Shadmani


Yield gap analysis related to management constraints in wheat crops in Parsabad Moghan region

Asgar Shirinzadeh, Hossein Heidari Sharif Abad, Ghorban Nourmohammadi, Eslam Majidi Haravan, Hamid Madani


The Study of  Relationship between Teachers’ Perceptions of Principals’ Islamic Work Ethics and Elementary-School Effectiveness: The Mediating Role of Organizational Culture

Sorour Mirkiani, Rahmatallah Marzooghi


School Principals’ Need Analysis in Perceptual, Human and Technical Skills Areas (Case Study: Tehran’s Gifted Students’ Schools)

 Kobra Safaeian, Morteza Samiee Zafarghandi, Fatemeh Ahmadbeygi


Investigation of the relationship between mental pressure in parents of children with Schizophrenia and patient features in the city of Zahedan

Gholam Reza Sanagouye Moharer, Monireh Poodineh, Marziyeh Poodineh Aghaei


Investigation the relationship between total quality management (TQM) practices and  Increasing brand value from a consumer perspective

Abdullah Naami, Zahra Sadat Montazeri, Mohsen Seidi


Studying the relationship between components of social capital and knowledge management

 Mohammad Ghasemi, Majid Irandost, Mohammad Sheikhi, Farahnaz Sargazi, Zohreh Rakhshani


The impact of specifying instructive policies and the factors affecting the interest rate index on financial performance status of Sepah Bank

Alireza Erfani, Alireza Masoudian


Investigating the Impact of Social and Economic Factors in the Insurance Industry on Financial Performance of Dana Insurance

Mahnaz moradi


Prediction of Marital Boredom Caused by the Difficulty in Regulating Emotion and Sexual Function in Female Married Students in Tehran University

Roya Karimian, Shahnam Abolghasemi


Symbiosis, Facilitation and Respectful Relationships in Islamic Teachings

Hakim Koucheki, Abdelfattah Kabbara


Identifying and Investigating Effective Factors for Using and Designing the “Urban Brand” Strategy (Case Study: Bushehr City)

Hassan Mehrmanesh, Omid Parsaeifar


The effect of market risk on the cost of equity based on Fama and French three-factor models

Azadeh Mehrani, Negar Khosravi Pour


Petition for a divorce by wife based on the Hardship Clause

Mohammad Reza Niknam, Narges Tafazzolifar, Samaneh Haj Moradkhani


The place of Ahlul-Bayt (as) in the Holy Qur’an and Islamic jurisprudence

Sha’ban sobhani, Mohammad Raza Farimaneh, Hadi Borzooei


Examining the Effect of Market Orientation on Organizational Performance in Terms of the Role of a Mediator of Innovation and Organizational Learning in Commercial Banks

Reza Pirayesh, Sara Karami


Presentation of a model to study the effect of intellectual capital and mediating role of learning on creativity of teachers of primary schools, district 1, Ahwaz

Vahid chenari ,Kobra shahmansouri


A Comparative Investigation of Nizami`s Story of Sandal Dome and Abughir and Abusir in the Arabian Nights

Alireza Khajegir, Mohsen Mohammadi Fesharaki, Leila Atabaki


Comparison of the difficulty of emotional regulation and quality of life in Narcotic drug, robbery and Caused from Czech prisoners in Miandoab city

 Hassan Aminpoor, Horyeh Bayramnejhad, Mahbubeh Bagherpoor, Leila Mosaferyadegari, Mohammad Bahrami


Study the Relationship between Job areas (background, certificate(degree), Field of study) of the Teachers with academic failure of the Students in the Sixth grade of the Elementary School in Boroujerd

Rouhollah Abassi


The relationship between professional ethics and job satisfaction among the employees of Physical Education Organization of Mazandaran province of IRAN

 Ruhollah Rahmatinia


The relationship between capital market and bankruptcy

Reza pirayesh, Somayeh Idea Louie


Sufism in Imam Abū Ḥanīfa’s Perspective

Muhammad Seddiq Ghorbani


A Study of the Problems and Barriers to Establishment of the Operational Budgeting System at the General Directorate of Education in Zanjan Province

Reza Piroyesh, Leyla ghaedi


Design new instruments in the portfolio of investors in the capital market of Iran

Reza pirayesh, Reza gordan, Leyla musavi


Examining the Effect of Market Orientation on Organizational Performance in Terms of the Role of a Mediator of Innovation and Organizational Learning in Commercial Banks

 Reza Pirayesh, Sara Karami


The place of Ahlul-Bayt (as) in the Holy Qur’an and Islamic jurisprudence

 Sha’ban sobhani, Mohammad Raza Farimaneh, Hadi Borzooei


Agro-tourism, A New Attitude in the Utilization of Natural Attractions and Rural Development

(Case study: Bahukalat village of Chabahar city)

 Abdoulnadim Yousefnezhad, Mahmoud Reza Anvari, Gholamreza Miri


Review of lecturing characteristics in engineering education

 Sayyed nouroddin Amiri, Jalil Shaeri